• a startup studio for your projects, and ours

    from inception to product-market fit and beyond

  • strategy

    To rapidly create and test

    Minimum Viable Products

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    Portfolio Management

    Diversify First. Then Concentrate.

    We use a startup studio model to build and manage a portfolio of in-house and client projects. Get in touch to learn more.

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    Lean Startup

    Build, Measure, Learn

    We see projects are experiments to be validated or invalidated through customer development, then scaled, culled, or pivoted.

  • Team

    Our team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. We are committed to supporting you and helping you realize your vision.

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    Christopher Comella


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    Team Members

    Agile Team Members

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    Small or Large; Public or Private

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    ECF, Angel, Micro VC

  • we're hiring!

    (remote/local, freelance/contract, employee/co-founder)

    Engineers - Front-end, Back-end, and Full-stack

    • Agile: We use an agile and iterative process that combines elements of XP, Scrum, and Kanban.
    • Reactive: On the front end, we typically use either Angular, React, or Marko.
    • Asynchronous: On the back end, we lean towards Node.js.
    • Data-Driven: We pick the right databases for the job: SQL and/or NoSQL.
    • Cloudy: For infrastructure, we lean towards AWS and Google Cloud Platform, but sometimes use others.
    • Get in touch if you share these values and a variable, flexible schedule sounds good.

    Designers - BPM, IxD, UX, UI, and Graphic

    • Functional: We love projects that deliver clear value to the user, whether that be measured in time, money, or fun.
    • Clean and simple: Our mantra is Keep It Stupid Simple and we hope yours is too.
    • Beautiful: Beauty comes in many forms, all of which draw us in.
    • Consistent: Be consistent.
    • Get in touch if you share these values and a variable, flexible schedule sounds good.

    Other Roles - Project, Project, and Client Managers; Biz Dev, Social Media

    We are always looking to connect with skilled professionals who share our passion for action and obsession with delivering customer delight. If you share the values described above and feel the urge to reach out, do it.

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